Sahlab (سحلب) Recipe

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Sahlab (سحلب) is a popular beverage found all over the Middle East.  It is believe to have originated in Turkey during the Ottoman Empire. Traditional sahlab flour is make by grinding the dried tubers of orchids into a fine power. It is then thickened with milk or water and sweetened with orange blossom or rose water.

Unfortunately the plants used to make traditional sahlab flour are endangered and hard to come by in markets. Instead we offer and alternative recipe using cornflour as the thickener, while still retaining a similar taste to that of traditional sahlab.

Servse: 2


2  cups of milk (plus a small amount extra)
2 tbsp of cornflour
2 tbsp of sugar (or to taste)
1 tbsp of rose water

Crushed nuts and ground cinnamon (optional)

Measure out your 2 cups of milk and pour into a saucepan

Turn on the heat to medium-high. Bring milk to a light boil.

Add 2 tablespoons of corn flour into a small amount of milk and mix well ensuring there are no lumps.

Add your cornflour and milk mixture to the lightly boiling milk. Reduce heat to low and whisk regularly until thickened to avoid lumps.

Once thickened, add 2 tablespoon of sugar (or to preferred taste) and 1 tablespoon of rosewater.

Pour into desired cups or bowls and garnish with ground cinnamon, chopped nuts (optional) and enjoy!
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Mashallah... Your Sahlab looks sooooooo delicious :) You are wonderful; mashallah :)

By the way I liked that brown bowl you just served :P

Ah, the last photo is not mine.
We have some technical issue when it came to serving so I pinched the photo from

InshaAllah I'll replace it with my own when I make sahlab again :)

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