Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your images?
Yes, you can use my images so long as you do not alter out the watermark ;)
I may also be willing to let you use the un-watermarked image but you will have to email me at and discuss it with me first! Depending on what you want to use it for, there may be a fee :)

Will you make video instructions for your recipes?
I plan to inshaAllah with time! Especially for some of the more difficult recipes.

Do you live in the Middle East?
No I do not, but I hope to relocate there inshaAllah! The only time I have been to the Middle East is when I was representing the UK at an international youth gathering, it was held in Doha, Qatar for a week. I loved it there!

Can I post your recipes elsewhere?
Yes, but credit and a link back to the recipe page or this blog would be appreciated! :)

Can I request a specific recipe?
Yes, email your request to
I cant guarantee I'll ever make it, such depends on a lot of factors eg time, ingredients, whether it's something I think I'll actually like or not ;). But I'll try my best to do them all!

What recipe/cookbooks do you use?
As of answering this - none! I usually just use the internet, search for a bunch of difference recipes for a dish and based on them, create my own. Or I just work from detail descriptions of certain foods from friends and try to re-create them. I find cooking more fun that way :)

When did you become a Muslim?
I said the shahadah (the testimony of faith) on August 2nd 2010. I was 17 at the time.

If you have a question and it has not been answered please feel free to email me: or comment below!


Why did you revert to Islam?
I used to live in Saudi Arabia and I find the culture really interesting but i'm an atheist, I was just wondering what your influences were if your family aren't Muslim.
Sorry if this seems like a private question i'm just curious :)
Great recipes by the way

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