Arabic/Sugar Wax

Quite a few friends have been asking how I make this, so I figured a a blog post would suffice.

Sugar wax has been used by Arab women for centuries if I remember right. I can across a recipe for it while looking for a cheaper alternative to store bought stuff. And what could be cheaper than using just three things that a probably already in your kitchen?

Another great thing about this wax it that it is completely natural with no weird added chemicals and can be used on sensitive skin. It's safe enough to be used on any area of the body including sensitive areas such as  the face*, underarms and bikini area.

I'm going to state this now and very clearly: Waxing WILL hurt. You can't get around it. Many people claim sugar waxing does not hurt at all. They lie. Though the pain will be somewhat less than store bought wax. The reason for that is store wax stick to both your hair and your skin. So when you pull it off, you are pulling those hairs, but you are also pulling of the top few layers of dead skin. Which can be a good thing if you don't exfoliate much. But in short: ripping out hairs and the top layers of skin will hurt!

With sugar wax, you only pull out the hairs as it barely sticks to your skin, therefore less pain, but still expect pain!
And the more you wax, the more you get used to the pain and the less it bothers you :) Another benefit of waxing is that your hair stays away longer, grows back slower, lighter and thinner in comparison to shaving.

*Men, please do not wax your facial hair. I don't just say this because I am biased, and prefer men with some facial hair and brothers to uphold the sunnah of keeping a beard. But biologically the hair on a man face was designed to stay where it is! If you must remove the hair on your face then shave it instead of waxing.

WARNING: Hot sugar is extremely, well.. hot. Do not touch the mixture at all with bare skin until it has cooled unless you want a real nasty burn!

2 cups of white sugar
Quarter cup of lemon juice
Quarter cup of hot water.

Add your 2 cups of sugar to a medium sized cooking pan

Add you lemon juice and hot water

Bring to a steady boil at medium-high heat

Keep boiling, you'll notice the colour soon change
Once you have a rich golden brown colour you are done.
Pour into a heat resistant container (I use glass jar) and leave to cool down before using.
If it cools to the point of being hard, just pop it in the microwave for a few seconds to soften :)

And I have no final picture for you because I got distracted by a phone call and ended up letting it cook to long. I did manage to salvage it, but it was not pretty!

Happy and safe waxing! 


I have been searching for a recipe for this for months. I will try this tonight and see how it goes, thank you so much sister. Jazzak Allah kheir

Welcome! Hope it works out fine for you, though usually you will find your first few attempts go a little off until you get a better 'sense' of what your sugar is doing ;)

Don't be discouraged if that happens, try again another day!

When i tried turned hard like caramel...what did i do wrong? HELP!

hi there, this simply means you boiled if for too long!
It takes practice to being with, trying again but don't boil it for as long :)

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I tried waxing with the sugar wax but when I put it on my skin after POWDERING it doesnt want to come off. AND IT HURTS worst than regular wax!!!

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