Saudi Scrambled Eggs (شكشوكة‎)

Some exciting new and a new recipe today!

First off, I got a new camera which I am utterly overjoyed with. A Canon EOS 600D, perhaps not the most 'professional' camera out there, but it does what I need it to - and I'm a poor student remember ;)

I have to admit I made this blog not even having the right equipment from the start. I don't know much about HTML, but if found this wonderful template and tweaked with it a bit (from what little I could remember from my younger days) for my needs until I was happy. Then when I wanted to post some recipes I realised I didn't have a decent camera. My little point and shoot would I worked, if course, but the quality would not be great.
So I took to pinching a few photos from other blogs (you'll find all the credits below the picture though!). Despite crediting the original source, I still felt kinda bad for taking them.

But now, oh boy, ya walad! I am going to have fun with this new beauty!
So to test it out I snapped each step of making my breakfast this morning - Scarmbled Eggs, Saudi style a.k.a shakshouka/شكشوكة‎

On with the recipe!

Serves: 1-2 (I am greedy and ate it all to myself :p)

3 medium eggs
Half a medium onion, diced
One third of a green bell pepper, diced (other colours work too, but green will look the prettiest. I used red since there was already a third left over. No need to waste ;) )
Half a tomato, chopped
Half a tsp of ground cumin
Quarter of a tsp of salt
Quarter of a tsp of black pepper

Dash of milk
Tsp of butter

Lightly beat your eggs (milk and butter, if using) with a fork until mixed

Fry onion in some olive oil until they start to turn golden

Add pepper and fry for a further 3 min

Add tomato and fry for a further 3min

Sprinkle on about half of the ground cumin and fry for a further 30seconds

Add your egg mix (those lumps are from the butter which was optional!)

Sprinkle on the salt, black pepper, and the rest of the ground cumin
Tip: you could just leave to cook like this to make an omelette ;)

Mix mix mix, and keep mixing until the egg is cooked!

Once the egg is cooked it will look something like this.

Shakshouka is normally served with Arabic flat bread, which I have been told is the same a pita bread, but also been told it is not the same a pita bread. So right ow I have no clue! I was going eat it with some pita but then noticed little spots of mould on mine (oops) so I just ate it on it's own and it was still extremely satisfying! Enjoy :)


Yummy :)

One of my favourite meal; I do have it mostly as a breakfast..

Amazing work :)

This has become my fav dish for breakfast too :P

That's brilliant really :) So we are on the same page.
hehe ;P

Haha U so funny :) great blog though...loved it :)

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